Together we’ll make chocolate 100% slave free.

Almost everywhere in the world, chocolate lovers are provided for with a wide range of flavours to enjoy. Big chocolate companies make -next to a lot of chocolate of course- a lot of profit. Nothing wrong with that, without profits a company will go bankrupt. So far, so good. However, less good is how those profits are made - by exploitation at the start of the value chain, where people live in extreme poverty. Have you ever considered how much a cocoa farmer makes per day?

Tony's Chocolonely, Milk chocolate 180g

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  • Sugar* 44%, full MILK powder* 23%, COCOA butter** 20%, COCOA mass** 12%, emulsifier: SOY lecithin (guaranteed free GMO), *= Organic, **= Organic and Fairtrade, May contain traces of nuts gluten and protein. Suitable for vegetarians, not for vegans.